Clickvio Review + BONUS + Coupon + Discount + OTO - Scam or Legit?

Clickvio Review – Get More Sales Without Changing Anything In Your Current Email Setup

One of the ways of ensuring you succeed in online business is to use email marketing.

Yes, some marketers says that email marketing is dead but the truth is that if you learn how to use it right, it can yield massive results.

We use emails for virtually everything, from order fulfillment and order tracking to accessing discount coupons and communication.

The good thing with email marketing is that it delivers a whopping 4400% ROI. In fact, 49% of consumers claimed that they receive promotional emails from their favorite brands every week while 73% of Millennials prefer to hold official business communication via email.

However, despite email being effective, there is a big problem many marketers face, which is why many even say that email marketing is dead.

The problem is messy inbox. You send a cold email to your prospect and you never hear from them again. Or you send a welcome email to a customer and they fail to open it.

This means that the email is lost in the messy inbox alongside with many other unread emails. Worse, the email may have landed in the spam folder.
How do you fix this?

There are a lot of technicalities involved, and not many people can solve this, which is why Clickvio was created- to help marketers get more opens and clicks…………………..

Keep reading our Clickvio review to learn more about how this software helps you get the most out of your email marketing efforts.

Clickvio Review – Overview

Vendor Neil Napier

Product Clickvio

Launch Date 2020-Oct-28

Launch Time 11:00 EDT

Front-End Price $37


Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Product Type Email Marketing

Support Effective Response

Official site Click here

Recommended Highly Recommended

Skill Level Needed All Levels

What Is Clickvio?

This is an email marketing tool that allows you to draft attention-grabbing emails that your subscribers will not be able to resist.

With Clickvio, you will get better ROI for all the emails you send and get better conversion as well as higher engagement.

Clickvio makes your email stand out in three easy steps;

Step 1- select a template and a DFY email:

  • There are 10 done for you templates that are created by experts.
  • These templates are tested and proven to work.
  • You can select the template of your choice and customize. Also, there is an option for you to write your own email.

Step 2- Customize:

  • This step involves adding attention-grabbing elements to your emails to give them a wow-factor and a great edge.
  • You can add an Instagram post to drive subscribers to your IG account or add a YouTube video link.
  • There are many other ways of customizing your emails including inserting an image, adding a countdown timer, adding a call-to-action button, and much more.

Step 3- Copy and Paste:

  • Once your template is ready, you can download it in HTML format and copy it to your autoresponder. For people with no autoresponder, you are getting access to Mailvio for two months.

About The Author

Neil Napier is a name familiar to digital product creators. Up until this point, he has spent years experimenting, collaborating, and launching various high-quality digital products to help online business owners.

Most of his products help users get more traffic, engage with their customers better, save more money on advertising, and build strong brands. Among them, Meetvio, Mailvio, VideoTik, and Socibot should not be missed.

Clickvio Features + What’s Included:

[+] Retargeting feature:

  • You can add retargeting pixels to emails you send. Irrespective of whether you are using email marketing to build trust and authority, sell your own products or services, or for affiliate marketing, it is important that you don’t focus too much on promotional emails. People may become annoyed when you send a lot of promotional emails. Therefore, sometimes, send informative and educative emails to them.
  • The retargeting feature enables you to reach out subscribers that have been ignoring both your promotional and informative emails.

[+] Ultra-responsive MJML framework:

  • This is a technology that makes your videos look great on any device.
  • With this technology, your emails will land in the PRIMARY folder of Gmail, and thus you will get more opens, clicks, and sales.

[+] Preview feature:

  • Before integrating the emails you create with Clickvio, you can preview the emails on your smartphone, tablet, as well as PC screen.
  • This way, you will be able to know if the emails looks great on all these devices.

[+] Drag and drop feature:

  • You can now customize all elements in your email with ease thanks to the drag-n-drop functionality.
  • You can drag and drop any element anywhere in your email.
  • You can even drag video clicks, YouTube video links, and much more.

[+] Add call-to-action button:

  • To help you increase conversion, this software allows you to add call-to-action buttons instead of the usual link.

[+] 10 DFY templates:

  • You get access to 10 DFY templates that are created by professionals to help you craft email fast and with ease.
  • These template will make your emails looks great on any devices.
  • There are many other features you will access to with Clickvio.
  • Get it to see the many features you can use in your email marketing.

Who Is It Made For?

This Clickvio is really simple for you to use. Anyone in any industry or with any website, in any language, can use this Clickvio system to create high-converting email marketing, without switching out your current autoresponder.

If you belong to the list below, you should seriously take it into consideration once you check it out: Affiliate Marketers, Product Owners, CPA Marketers, E-com Store Owners, Authors, Coaches, Service Providers, Offline Business Owners, Freelancers, Bloggers

Clickvio Review – Pros And Cons


-The only autoresponder you’ll ever need 25,000 contacts, unlimited emails SMS capability included, with 1,000 text message credit

-Increased deliverability with pre-warmed up IPS

-Drag-and-drop email editor for intuitive email building

-Built by marketers, for marketers like you

-Unbeatable price – beating every other quality autoresponder out there on value

-60+ pre-designed email templates

-And a lot more


-Up to now, there is not any.

Clickvio VS Others:

Why You Should Choose This Product?

  • Stand Out From Crowd

Leave the FOMO (Fear of missing out) far behind. Now you can control it, you will not miss any important emails anymore.

While your competition is sending old school text-based emails like any other, your email is being highlighted with your marketing message, your proposition to be noticed and take action right away. The system will give you a signal so that you can access your emails as fast as possible.

  • Stay On The Top Of Your Subscriber’s Inbox

Don’t let your emails missed and unnoticed in the clutter of 100s of emails.

When you use annotated emails, Gmail automatically selects it as a top pick on the top of your subscriber’s inbox. Just imagine the growth in opens and clicks and high engagement rates.

  • Create An Urgency To Take Action

When access to something is restricted, by being scarce or exclusive, the perceived value and demand for it increases.

We always crave what we can’t have. We want to be the only one to own that rare item, or get admitted to that private club. And we’re willing to pay big.

Showing your deals, discount and creating an urgency with expiring dates creates the same kind of effect on your subscribers, and making them do nothing but clicking and buying

  • Leverage The Potential Of Email Marketing 2020 Way

We already know how much the business was affected when google introduced promotion tabs, it instantly killed the opening and clicks and vexed many email marketers.

These annotations give brands the opportunity provide more detail and context to an email; they can improve branding in the “from” field with a logo and company name and give an email more urgency with an offer expiration date. When the email marketing is changing rapidly, with Annotation technology, you will be moving in right direction

User Experience

In my Clickvio Review today, I want to say that is a powerful tool since it makes sure that your business completely stand out from crowd as well as eliminate fear of missing out. Using Clickvio, your email is totally being highlighted with your marketing message, so your proposition to be easily noticed and take action right away while a lot of your competitiors are sending old school text-based emails

The best part is that your emails will stay on the top of your subscriber’s inbox all the time. Thus, you will be able to easily improve opens and clicks and high engagement rates.

What People Say About Clickvio

Clickvio is the solution in front of your eyes:

Clickvio looks cool – I was able to get early access and deploy it with my free account of Mailvio – instant opens and clicks!

Rafael Carrasquillo

I tried Clickvio and was impressed by how easy it it so use. And the best part – it’s not expensive at all! Love the deal

Antonio Mckinney

Clickvio caught my attention as we do a lot of affiliate marketing. And we are always looking for an edge. Clickvio makes it easy to get in front of more customers and make more sales.

Abhi Dwivedi

I am not very active on social media but we run Facebook groups to work with our customers. Simple social sharing with Clickvio is a Godsend – now we can grow our social following.

Karthik Ramani

I got 4x as many clicks using Clickvio – even on the Day 3 of the promotion. Typically at this point, we get less opens and clicks but Clickvio changed the game. I made more with Clickvio.

The Bonuses

Apart frоm the main prоduct, yоu may get bоnuses frоm the authоr, if yоu buy during the intrоductоry time:

  • Bonus 1: Their Top 100 Affiliate Marketing Emails (Worth $997)

(Instantly Downloadable… Press send, make money)

Written by their in-house expert copywriters, these emails are their top-performing ones…responsible for having already generated over $100,000 in profits (and counting…)

Pick-n-use any of these any number of times and watch your conversions skyrocket.

  • Bonus 2: Their Top 499 Subject Lines (Worth $497)

They send a LOT of emails. So their team has compiled their top 499 emails by open rate. And these are yours to download immediately.

When you start sending emails, you won’t need to start from a blank slate. Know exactly what to write about by picking one of these 499 emails.


  • BONUS #1 – Email Survey Funnel

Video training that teaches you how to successfully run an email survey funnel to collect valuable feedback from your leads or customers. It also helps you segment your email list to send relevant, targeted emails for higher ROI.

  • BONUS #2 – Affiliate Marketing 101

Learn everything you need to know to start making online with affiliate marketing. Inside, you will see how to spot high converting deals from known affiliate networks.

  • BONUS #3 – ListCheck

Ever wondered what resources you can use to build your email list? In this short training, they share how you can use PLR checklists to build your email lists (and for super cheap!)

  • BONUS #4 – Email List Building Strategy

Email List Building is the key to your success. This training will provide you the best strategies to build your list and create a long term income source. Never have to worry about sales conversions and earnings ever again!

  • BONUS #5 – Fancy Optin Box Creator

Fancy Opt-in Box Creator If you’re serious about Internet marketing, you know that the first step to online success is building your own list. You may have tried other autoresponder services to create an opt-in box and build your list. However, those other services have limits on the kind of box you can create, and you could end up with a box just like hundreds of other people are displaying on their websites. Of course you can build your own opt-in form, or edit the raw HTML to customize the form, but you need programming skills to do that successfully.What if you had a way to make a totally customized op- in box? Do think your conversion rates would increase? You bet! “Fancy Opt-in Box Creator” is the tool you been looking for. It’s very easy to use and allows you to create custom headers and footers, choose all the colors, and set the widths and border styles. All you do is key in the information you want, and the software does the rest. It couldn’t easier. Set yourself apart from all the other online marketers using standard opt-in forms. When your subscribers ask how much time you spent creating your beautiful opt-in box, you can just smile and tell them it’s a secret.

  • BONUS #6 – Copywriting Automator

Discover this incredible robot copywriting tool that builds your sales converting web pages just by filling in the blanks in minutes.

  • BONUS #7 – Auto Content Pro

Quick And Easy Way To Get Loads Of Search Engine Friendly, Automatically Updated Content On Your Websites – All Delivered On Autopilot! Get Free Automatically Updated Article Content – simply visit the appropriate article directory site, select a few options and then paste the supplied snippet of code into your web page. Instantly you get automatically updated content shown on your web page!

  • BONUS #8 – Customer List Builder

The money is in the list. This is always what successful internet marketers are saying if you want to ask their effective tips. Well, it is indeed true but if you are used to it, you might find it hard to do. The good news is that this simple ‘set and go’ system links directly with the popular Paypal payment service, automatically adding your customer details as soon as they pay!


Front-end: Clickvio ($37)

  • FE1 – Clickvio Personal: $34 one-time
  • FE2 – Clickvio Commercial: $37 one-time (use ‘clickvio’ for $3 off)

OTO#1: Clickvio DFY Unlimited ($97 Onetime Payment – There is A Downsell Selling For $47)

You can now skyrocket your profits with your email marketing efforts by going unlimited…..

  • With this upgrade, you can create as many emails as you want.
  • The limit is removed.
  • This is a perfect upgrade for those who would want to make the most out of their commercial license.

Here is everything you get with Clickvio Unlimited;

[+] Create unlimited campaigns:

  • With Clickvio Unlimited, you can conducted unlimited email campaigns and thus get more engagement, sales, and profits.
  • This will benefit people who will want to create more than one campaigns.

[+] Unlimited DFY emails:

  • You are given 2000 emails to use in different niches including weight loss, beauty, internet marketing, self-help, alternative medicine, dating, and much more. Doing more campaigns calls for more emails, which is why you are given these DFY emails.

[+] 100 extra templates:

  • You get 100 extra templates to use in your email marketing campaigns.
  • You can easily create emails using these DFY templates and send them to your subscribers.
  • The Clickvio will also be releasing new templates in future, and you will be given access to these templates.

[+] Priority support:

  • You will not have to wait for long before your queries get answered as now you will have a dedicated support agent anytime you have an issue that needs to be addressed.
  • You get these features and many more once you get this upgrade.

OTO#2: Spyvio Agency ($297 for 100 accounts OR $497 for 1,000 accounts OR $797 for unlimited accounts – There is A Downsell Selling For $97)

OTO#3: Clickvio + Spyvio Business ($57 Onetime Payment)

This is combination that can help you offer email marketing services to other businesses…..

Marketers have big list of subscribers but they are not able to turn these clients into frequent customers and you can be their go-to persons when it comes to helping them boost conversion thanks to Clickvio and Spyvio.

Here is everything you get;

[+] DFY Reseller License:

  • With DFY Clickvio and Spyvio reseller license, you can resell Clickvio and Spyvio and keep all the commissions.

[+] Great-looking DFY agency website:

  • You will get a DFY branded agency website that will help you sell your services.
  • Customize the website with your branding colors and logos to allow you look like a professional.

[+] PayPal checkout integration:

  • You can make it easier for clients to do business with you by adding a PayPal checkout integration.
  • This can also enable you to make your site an eCommerce store.

[+] Add samples of your emails:

  • Showcase the best emails you have made using Clickvio so that clients can know what to expect from you.

[+] Add client testimonials:

  • People like to see what previous clients you have worked with are saying about your services, and now you can make this easy by showcasing client testimonials.
  • You get these and many more.

OTO#4: Meetvio All Inclusive – Clickvio Special ($197/Year OR $497 Onetime Payment – (use ‘meetvio’ for $100 off)

How about you combine the power of email marketing and webinars?

This is what Meetvio is all about. It helps you run automated webinars and live webinars…..

  • Webinars are one of the best platforms you can use to showcase and grow your business. However, many businesses do not use webinars because they are hard to create and run. Meetvio makes this easier for you.
  • With Meetvio, you can run all types of webinars including pre-recorded webinars, Evergreen webinars, and Auto Webinars.
  • Meetvio has all you need to run profitable webinars including landing pages to help you get more participants and also embed feature that allows you to embed teaser-videos as well as thank you videos to your registration pages and landing pages
  • The good thing with webinars is that you can collect emails of all participants using Meetvio.
  • You can then use Clickvio to engage and interact with these subscribers so that you can sell more products or services to them.
  • There are so many ways Meetvio and Clickvio can help you take your marketing to a whole new level.

OTO#5: Funnelvio Commercial – Clickvio Special ($97 Onetime Payment – (use ‘funnelvio’ for $10 off)

Google (Gmail) is now becoming stricter. If you send an email with click and your subscriber clicks on the link but it takes longer to load, they give up.

Yes, it is true that Clickvio has fixed email marketing open and click-through rates, but what about the funnels you send your subscribers to?

This is the problem Funnelvio addresses.

  • It optimizes your funnels and pages so that they can load fast. In other words, Funnelvio is a funnel builder that allows you to create highly-optimized funnels that load fast.
  • This means that whenever you share a link to your funnels with your subscribers, the link will not take long to load.
  • This funnel system is built by expert marketers for marketers. The good thing with funnels you create using Funnelvio is that they are hosted.
  • Creating funnels with this software is very easy as you just need to pick a template and create a funnel.
  • The good thing is that you are given tutorial to help you learn how to use this smart funnel builder.

Get this upgrade today so as to increase your conversion rate.

Clickvio FAQ’S:

Q1: How many campaigns can one create with Clickvio?

  • Depending on the license you go for, you can create between 100 and 1000 campaigns.

Q2: Can one use this software for clients?

  • Yes. Clickvio was designed to help you craft attention-grabbing emails and profit.
  • You can create email campaigns for your clients in different niches and charge them whatever amount you want.

Q3: What if I don’t have an autoresponder at the moment?

  • Clickvio wants you to succeed, and therefore, offers a special bonus.
  • You get a 2-months access to Mailvio. Mailvio currently sells at $67 a month, but when you buy Clickvio during the launch period, you will get this for free during the first two month. You can therefore, start sending emails as soon as possible. This is a great bonus.

Q4: Is my investment safe?

  • Yes. Clickvio is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. In case you order Clickvio and within a few days you find it not attractive, you can request to get your payment back.

Q5: Can I create email templates using my mobile device?

  • Well, Clickvio is very feature-rich, and thus may not be ideal to use devices with small resolutions. However, the emails you create using this software look great on both mobile devices and other devices.

Q6: Is Clickvio an autoresponder?

  • No. Clickvio can be termed as an email builder that will help you craft emails that will have higher open and click rate. However, if you still need an autoresponder, you are given access to Mailvio for two months if you get Clickvio during this launch period.

Clickvio Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Clickvio?

Irrespective of the niche you are in, email marketing is a great way of promoting offers and keeping in touch with your subscribers. However, many people do not know how to craft effective emails.

If you haven’t been seeing results in your email marketing campaigns, then Clickvio will offer the solution you have been dreaming of.

This software has all you need to craft attention-grabbing and proven-to-convert emails.

The best part is that you don’t need to have technical knowledge as this software is very easy to use. It will make your emails stand out.

Get this software today!

REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!

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